Sunday, November 28, 2010

He Did, Then Didn't, Then Did Again

Remember back to the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, when Dick Leinenkugel threw his name into the ring for the chance to face off with Russ Feingold?

Even though he was appointed as Secretary of Commerce by Governor Jim Doyle, he tried desperately to distance himself from that part of his career. This bullet point on his resume played a big part in his ultimately bowing out of the Senate race.

Apparently he was only kidding about not being part of Doyle's staff. Word is that he appeared at a reunion of Team Doyle held in Madison on Saturday night. Ol' Leinie must have figured stabbing his old boss in the back is just part of the game and all were forgiven.

There is no word yet if he bought everyone a round of his family's brew or not. Or if they were willing to drink it if he had.

The saddest part is he still has more credibility than the guy he bowed out to.

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