Monday, November 15, 2010

Wisconsin Has Chosen Poorly

Tom Barrett signed the 2011 budget for the City of Milwaukee without one veto. And the budget will lower the property tax, without hurting services. So much for the right wing's chant of tax and spend liberals.

Compare that to Scott Walker's illegal budget with a gaping hole worth tens of millions of dollars, but still raises taxes and cuts vital services even deeper.

You know, there's a reason why 62% of Milwaukee County went to Barrett and not to Walker.

Too bad the rest of the state couldn't pick up on which was the proper way to go. It's even worse because now all of us have to pay for that mistake, in more ways than one.


  1. It's worth noting that Barrett's zero tax increase budget is his first ever. It was more a product of political branding than a genuine sense of fiscal responsibility he'd never before shown.

    As for your claim that his moves won't hurt city services, both his police and fire unions supported Walker. Sounds like they don't think much of Barrett's abilities.

  2. Negative.

    The firefighters were mad because their overtime got cut. The police were promised that Walker would live city residence requirements for them. Wait until he finds out the law might have a different take on that one! But why aren't you concerned about the fact that Walker not only raised taxes, but also ran deficits at the same time? Could it be...hypocrisy?

  3. Walker didn't raise taxes...he vetoed increases.

    I believe the firefighters were outraged over reducing manpower on their trucks and said it would directly effect their quality of service to the community. They were quite outspoken about it.

    Both of those groups were also upset over furlough days...something you yourself have lamented as being a bad managerial tactic.

  4. You still haven't spoken to the deficits, something that didn't happen until Walker was CE. And are you really going to compare two furloughs to twenty-six. Well, twenty-six until the ruling comes back. What will you think of Walker when I get a check for fourteen days of pay, without having earned them?

  5. I'm not comparing 2 furlough days to 26. I said those unions were unhappy with that. So unhappy that the supervisor's union is suing the city over it. Obviously 26 is on a whole nutha still have more job security than much of the private sector.