Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When You Vote Today

Jib wants us to remember this when we vote:
...just remember that your current government is well on the way to stagflating us to prosperity!
What he doesn't want us to remember is that the party he is promoting is the one that got us into the abyss in the first place.

Apparently the right feels bad about the number on the economy that they did, and wants a second chance to drive it all the way into ruination.


  1. Too bad Walker is going to win and then he is going to have you fired.

    Too bad he doesn't have you whacked.

    Eat shit, faggot.

  2. Behold, this is what CRG/Team Walker is really all about.

    Classy bunch, aren't they?

  3. Who establishes the Budget?
    The DEM legislature destroyed the economy.
    We remember. And we're voting.

  4. “This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order,” P.J. O’Rourke wrote last week.

    Numerous Videos of what America is voting against: http://pajamasmedia.com/eddriscoll/2010/11/01/an-election-day-video-trip-down-memory-lane/

  5. the economy was sinking long before the Dems took over. What you are doing is lashing out at the Dems for what the Repubs did and for not fixing the GOP's mess fast enough for your taste.

    If you throw a party, you should be expected to pay the bill and help clean up the mess.

  6. Some guy makes a big mess by spreading a pile of garbage out on the floor, it takes him less than a minute. Some other guy has to come in to clean it up, it takes more time to clean up the mess than it did to make it. Now why would anyone be mad at the guy who has to clean up the mess for sweeping the garbage into a pile before he uses his dust pan to scoop it up to put it into the garbage can?

    Why would anyone think that the results of 20 plus years of bad econonomic policies (deregulation of the financial industry) can be cleaned up and all the consequences of those policies repaired in less than 2 years? Especially when you have a bunch of people acting like children keeping you from cleaning up the mess! Lets remember that the current economic situation that is at the heart of this election is not just debris on the floor, there are peoples lives involved. I hope that more thought gets put into the clean up than was made while the problem was being created.

    I see no logic in the current movement to the right. These were the people, and the political party who fought for the policies that created the problem. If people wanted them to clean up the mess that they made, as some kind of punishment, that would be understandable. But that is not what is happening, these politicians are promising and promoting the very policies that created the mess in the first place.

    Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  7. anon @4:53,
    Agree. GOP and Dem, socialists and communists, have BOTH been repudiated by the American People. They had become 2 wings of the same party. Their 20 year experiment with bigger government dictating, IS DEAD. We refuse. Now we take our government back, and stuff the genie back into the limited enumerated powers.

    The Tyrants from both parties will be bitter clingers, refusing to trim back Leviathan.

    Roger Kimball of PJTV put it this way: "The tea party is for the maximum amount of individual liberty consistent with public order. It is for economic growth. It is pro-prosperity, pro-self-reliance, pro-American. It is in favor of seeking the most local feasible solution to problems: individuals should take care of themselves where they can, and where they can’t families ought to step in first, then local communities. The federal government, that distant leviathan, should be the resource of last resort."

    Anyone against Liberty?
    Death to Leviathan.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  8. Yeah. Um, okay now. You just go ahead and run, okwith that, sofa. I'll just stand over here...way over here. Let us know when you come back to modern times, OK?