Sunday, November 14, 2010

PolitiFarce Strikes Again

In this morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they had their PolitiFarce section take a gander at the claim from WisDems that Michael Grebe, Walker's campaign chairman, as well as chairman of the Greater Milwaukee Commission and Bradley Foundation (in other words, the hand up Walker's behind), squelched a report from the GMC recommending that Milwaukee County be allowed to declare bankruptcy.

The Dems claimed the Grebe had GMC sit on the report in order to protect Walker leading up to the primary and general elections. They based that on the simple fact that Grebe admitted to the fact that he put it to the GMC for a vote.

The crack reporters at MJS went around asking various members of the GMC if Grebe had indeed put any pressure on them to vote to squelch the report. They were mostly told they weren't going to talk, including one that cited the fear of retaliation. If there was nothing to hide, why would the group retaliate? But that was irrelevant to our intrepid, but not objective, reporters.

The one person that came out with any sort of support for Grebe was Sheldon Lubar, who is also a Walker supporter and did a little pay for play with Walker, getting the county grounds for a campaign donation.

That apparently was good enough for the MJS, and they called the Dems allegations, based on Grebe's own admission, as barely true.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Oh, and for what it's worth, I seriously doubt the report has any merit when one takes into consideration the special interests behind the group and their history of being anti-Milwaukee County in their past reports as well.

James Rowen also points out that the MJS is also suddenly not so much into the whole transparency from the government stuff either.

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