Friday, November 12, 2010

Owen's Got Funnies

Owen Robinson is a proud conservative and believes in the Constitution and the rights it gives us, most notably the Freedom of Speech. But apparently only for certain people.

In a earlier post, I mentioned how support for the high speed train has rapidly surpassed support for Walker and his goobernorship

Owen was quick to respond that Facebook fans are not the equivalent of an election and that the "people have spoken." Apparently the people speaking now aren't as important.

To further cement Owen's double standard, he shares a story about how concerned parents are protesting the thought of having a gun store across the street from their children's school. Owen expresses his opinion about these people speaking as well:
"Frankly, the reaction of these parents is idiotic. Grow up, folks."
Apparently only the right people are allowed to have rights...


  1. Is he not concerned about Terrorists?
    There are the homeland type, the Columbine type. School shootings are not exactly unheard of. Nor is it that out of hand to think that some really upset young person could be having "ending it all" thoughts and after seeing Guns Guns Guns day in and day out...
    Guns are for adults, like alcohol, like strip clubs, and bars. porn shops, or how about a Mosque? what's more potentially dangerous -a Muslim in his church or a gun in a display case? Neither? Both? People aren't "grown up" when they have to defend their so-called side that hysterically. Ya, I mean Owen.

    Zoning laws exist for the precise reason that not all human activities are well-suited to be right next to each other.
    How about a shooting range, or basketball court right outside his bedroom window. or a Skate park? too much noise for Owen's little Nite-Nite? Maybe he'd like his property to be completely surrounded by several Malls, oh, bad atmosphere? Not Homey? City planning has to do with intelligent use of space and keeping incongruous elements apart.
    Owen is acting like an hysterical Victorian female. I support gun rights myself, we have camo hanging in the closet. I do not shoot a gun myself but friends and family are AVID hunters. I am also very close to Columbining-out myself most days. usually after reading stupid bloggers remarks. It's a damn good thing there's no Gun Shop across the street, I tell ya. See? the zoning laws take into account my un-hinged mental state. It's a better world because of it.
    Owen, once again, is just a Fussy Old Woman. Is he paid to wield so many talking points, Does he HAVE to be so knee-jerk-y? it's kinda ridiculous.

  2. Personally, I don't have a problem with a gun store next to or across the street from a school. It's not like the kids will go next door and steal some guns. I would be more concern about the traffic that the gun store would create, especially before school and just after school- that's a lot more dangerous than the guns at the store.