Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kuenzi Trial Starts Monday

Rory A. Kuenzi is the butthead who, along with his brother and a buddy of theirs, thought it would be great sport to chase down, torture and kill some deer in a snow-covered field in Waupaca County a couple of years ago.

It turns out that Kuenzi also allegedly involved in a hit and run homicide before that. But due to inept investigations by the Waupaca County Sheriff's Department, it looked like he might get away with it. The state stepped in, did their own investigation and found enough evidence that they are taking it to trial.

After some attempts at postponing the hearing, it is scheduled to start this Monday.

The defense has laid out their strategy to get their client off the hook on this one, but methinks it might be pretty hard to argue away how Kuenzi's DNA got on the victim's leg, especially when a witness helped him move the body off the road said that Kuenzi had taken the victim by feet and legs during the move.

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