Thursday, November 11, 2010

Facebook Wars: Walker vs. HSR

An anonymous emailer notified me of a curious phenomenon going on on Facebook.

A day or two ago, a Facebook page was created to save the high speed rail that Scott Walker wants to destroy. At the time of this writing, this "Save the train" page has 4,709 fans.

Now compare that to Walkers transition team Facebook page which has a total fan base of 576 people.

In fact, HSR even beats out Walker's campaign page which, after all the years of running, only has a total of 4,405 fans.

In just a couple of days, supporters for the train have surpassed all the supporters Walker could muster after years of campaigning.

And, of course, no story about Walker would be complete without a bit of hypocrisy.

This one's bit of hypocrisy is that Walker, in a letter to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, said that "it would be unwise for the Obama Administration to ignore the will of the voters."

Perhaps Walker could take a different approach to his management style and actually practice what he preaches. After all, while not scientific, it is pretty clear that more people support the train than support him.


  1. You do realize that the Facebook fandom didn't translate into the election, don't you? The people have spoken.

    - Owen

  2. You do realize that it is possible that not everyone that voted for Walker will march in lock step with each of his blunders, don't you? The people are continuing to speak.

  3. I voted for Walker but I strongly disagreed with his stance on rail. Otherwise, I liked many of the things he stood for, we'll see if he will make the stand. I figure he's got a political mess on his hands with the train bit, and he'll come around eventually. He needs to make it look good for now though. I'm wondering if I should have reconsidered my vote. This Republican party line junk is stupid! He's missing the bigger picture of Wisconsin being an integral part of the Midwestern economy. Don't people realize (and doesn't Mr. Walker realize) that the track improvements for THIS project also translate into better freight movement throughout the state? I'm lending extra support to the pro-train movement to make up for my questionable decision on voting day!