Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here Is Your Future, Wisconsin

The Twin Cities in Minnesota got nailed last night with a bad time of freezing rain. There were hundreds of calls for assistance and two deaths related to the numerous car accidents that stemmed from the icy roads.

The biggest problem is that the DPW got caught with their pants down and didn't bring in the workers soon enough, and when they finally called them in, they were having problems getting in. Check out this news clip and wait to see why they held off calling in the workers, about halfway into the clip.

I'm sure the two people who died, their families, and the hundreds of people who will now see their car insurances skyrocket are so very glad that Governor Pawlenty and their other elected leaders saved them a couple of bucks on taxes.

So when Scott Walker slashes the little things like this from the state budget, and your insurance doubles or triples, make sure you send him a little thank you card. You might even be able to pay for the stamp with the money from your tax cut.


  1. So we can only be saved by paying workers $35 to $85 an hour (including benefits)?

  2. Is that what a plow driver is paid? Any proof?

  3. So we blame the idiotic unsafe driving habits of morons on our elected officials! Give me a break! These drivers need to be held accountable for their own senseless actions, plain and simple.

  4. You pay for a service and don't get it, then blame the victims? Nice.