Friday, November 26, 2010

Q: What Is Brown And Smells Really Bad?

Possible answers include:

A) A big pile of dung.
B) Scott Walker's Brown Bag Movement
C) Who are you trying to kid? A and B are the same thing!

If you answered C, then you are correct.

Walker's entire campaign was based on the recycled brown bag movement used in Ohio 12 years ago. His little brown bag included three basic campaign points:
  • Don't spend more than you have.
  • Smaller government is better government.
  • People create jobs, not government.
Walker's never meant one of those things.

Consider the first point in contrast to the job he is leaving, as Milwaukee County Executive, his 2010 budget is currently officially expected to have a $8 million deficit. His 2011 budget has another gaping hole in it, leaving tens of millions of dollars as a deficit. In other words, he spent more than he had.

As for the smaller government, that is just another steaming pile of you know what. First, he offers the suggestion of creating a deer czar. Add to that this morning's news about some of ideas for "hitting the ground running," which includes this gem:
A proposal to split the state Department of Commerce so that its secretary no longer divides time between fostering economic growth in the state and regulating everything from amusement rides and elevators to petroleum storage tanks.

The new entity would combine existing economic development functions of state bodies like the Department of Workforce Development and the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. To do that, it would likely have to be structured differently than a traditional state agency.

Great, a whole new bureaucracy at the state level. Just how does that equate to less government?

Finally, Walker said that government doesn't create jobs, but then at the same time, he, a career politician himself, claims he is going to create 250,000 jobs.

What all this means is he doesn't have a clue to what he is doing. The smart money is on things getting worse, not better, for the state.

And again, I have to ask: Is it too soon to say "I told you so?"

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