Sunday, November 21, 2010

RIP, Bambi Bembeneck

Last week, it was reported that Laurie "Bambi" Bembeneck was near death in a hospice in Portland, Oregon.

This morning, word came out that Bembeneck succumbed to the various diseases that was ravishing her body:

Milwaukee's longest running legal saga may have ended with the death last night of Lawrencia Bembenek.

Bembenek died about 7 p.m. Milwaukee time in Portland, Ore., where she was in hospice care, her sister, Colette Bembenek of South Milwaukee, said Sunday.

Bembenek, 52, who later changed her first name to Laurie, had been admitted to a hospital in recent days and then was transferred to a hospice, her sister said. Her health problems included hepatitis C and liver and kidney failure, Colette Bembenek said.

"It went real fast. I'm glad she didn't linger," Colette Bembenek said. "I knew it was inevitable that she probably would be expiring early in life."

Some argue that she was guilty of killing her husband's ex-wife because she had pleaded no contest. Some say she only did that to regain her freedom and fight to clear her name from the outside. They further say she was railroaded for exposing some bad behaviors by Milwaukee police officers.

I don't know if she did it or not.

All I can say is may she find her peace and justice, whether it's to her liking or not, wherever she is now.

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