Monday, November 15, 2010

Scott Walker: The Best Governor...

...that the road builders could buy.

Seems to me that TOMMY!!! was real popular among the road builders as well. How much did he raise our taxes again?

At least now people understand where his resistance to HSR comes from. It's not concern about the tax payers. It's concern about his campaign contributors.


  1. Oh, and Jim Doyle never got a dime from the road builders, right?

  2. Oh, I'm sure he did, but he was a piker compared to Walker or TOMMY!! Plus he wasn't as beholden to the road builders that he was willing to through the state under the train.

  3. I'm sure pro-train interests made their share of political contributions as well...just like labor unions...just like business associations...just like environmental groups...and on and on.

    But here's the thing...if this rail project is so important to a majority of Wisconsinites, why did they elect a Governor who very plainly and openly said that, if elected, he would kill the project?

  4. Perhaps they thought he would flip flop like he usually does. Perhaps, like many pundits suggest, people stopped paying attention to the details.

  5. Voting for someone in the hopes that they would change their mind? You are trying too hard to avoid reality.

    In a manner that is rather politician-like, which is to say "direct and without equivocation", Walker used radio ads, TV ads and the debates to repeatedly say "If elected, I will kill this project." Taking such a stance is hardly a minute detail easily overlooked.

  6. I meant..."In a manner that is rather unpolitician-like..."

    Dang auto-correct.

  7. Walker says a lot of things, but none of them seem to be true. Perhaps that is why he lost Milwaukee County by nearly a two to one margin.

    But now that even people up north are holding rallies for the train, it seems that he overplayed his hand once again.

    Which does give me an idea. Thanks, Roland!