Monday, November 1, 2010

Scott Walker Would Turn This State Around

One of Scott Walker's favorite lines during the campaign season is how he would take bold action to "turn the state around," claiming that Wisconsin is heading in the wrong direction.

But lets see what has been going on for the past week to see just in what direction the state is actually going:
Over 2500 jobs being announced as coming to Wisconsin in just one week. That seems to me to be a good thing. Why on earth would Walker want to turn that around?

It should also be noted that the Bucyrus jobs were made possible by the hard work of Tom Barrett and Russ Feingold, while Scott Walker felt it to be better to just use the peril to take cheap political shots.

Who do you want to be governor? The guy who works hard at bringing jobs to the state or the guy who thinks that more jobs is a bad thing and would "turn it around?"

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