Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unwelcome Neighbor

I'm surprised this hasn't happened to me yet:
"I saw that big large area of claw marks and I called my wife and her sister out and we saw that area of paw prints, looking around I didn't see anything coming out from under the deck, paw prints in the snow, so we weren't sure if t was under there or not but then when my sister in law let out a shriek and said it's under there, we all went and looked between the boards and we saw it's face and its moving around under there," says Burt Schmidt.

A 200 pound black bear that is... and it looks like it's making a home underneath the deck for the winter.

He says, Surprised... I'd think I've ever heard of a bear under somebodys deck before, the proximity, it's two feet away from me right now."

He says he would like the bear to be relocated as soon as possible for not only the safety of this Wausau neighborhood, but his family too.

That's why he's placed calls to local law enforcement, the DNR, and Wildlife Services.

Schmidt says, "Not too concerned inside, knowing he is going to be more active at night, because it was that night before the snow, that he clawed his bedding underneath there."


  1. The bear shouldn't be a problem during the winter while he/she is hibernating. He should just leave the bear alone.

  2. We had a bear wandering my neighborhood this spring and last fall. Found it on the deck once. Dragged a birdfeeder to the edge of our yard and knocked down the one on a post several times. I was slightly relieved when it was taken to the east side of the county.