Friday, November 26, 2010

Republican Nightmare: Gays And Guns

This should give them nightmares:



  1. This, and even you, aren't worthy of nightmares.

    You are, perhpas more like a freakshow?

  2. No, for you, English and proper spelling are the nightmares, not to mention social skills.

  3. Those look like Nazi stick grenades circa WWII.

    Didn't know you were pro-Third Reich Christopher...

  4. See, I thought they were grenades, but no idea from when or where. But you seemed to know.

    However, the jodpurs reminded me of Owen Robinson...

  5. IT does give them nightmares, and this is expressed no better than the bizarre behavior of the GOP throughout this election.

    Libertarian values have been steadily on the rise and the Republican party is split between Libertarians who hold a consistent attitude towards non-interventionism and non invasion, and Christian Middle Class who hold to high faluten ideas of universal morality and theocratic tendencies.

    The Romney campaign has acted with full force to quash the Libertarian tendency, by stifling the Ron Paul campaign and threatening delegates and signing in new rules within the GOP basically forcing delegates to vote for whoever could afford them.

    Now Gary Johnson is running and inheriting all of the Ron Paul Republicans, a shift which could very well result in the GOP becoming permanently and irreparably fractured.

    Because of Gays with guns, ethnic separatists, and Anarcho Capitalists and Mutualists, the GOP may very well end up becoming a fringe party, and the Libertarian Platform will inherit it's place as the main competator to the Democrat party, which everyone is starting to get sick of as well.