Monday, November 29, 2010

Things Look Bad For The Buses

Elections have consequences and one of the consequences of this last election could be the death of our transit system.


  1. So lets add a train to Kenosha and Madison, because I am sure that is a huge priority.

    Maybe we can have candle light vigils for Spaniard-Executives too!

  2. If you had read the post to which I linked, you would have noticed that I blamed Doyle and the legislature for wasting a golden opportunity by trying to tie in the KRM.

    The high speed rail has nothing to do with this issue.

  3. You are correct. As County exec. Walker wanted to direct funds only towards busses and no other transit options. Now as Gov. he appears to be in favor of only highways. Automobiles over any mass transit options. If Milwaukee County is seeking help from the State or Federal governments under republican control they are wasting their time.

    Perhaps Walker is hoping that the death of the Milwaukee County Transit system will increase the number of cab drivers in town. More jobs created towards the 250,000.