Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"...and we did it without raising taxes." - Results may vary

We've all seen them.

Those seemingly endless commercials that keep airing over and over and over on every station.

Yes, I'm talking about those commercial being aired by the Koch Brothers, via their front groups MacGuyver Institute and Americans for the Preposterous, which tout all the success that Scott Walker has not have had in creating jobs, preserving schools, etc.

Hey, they have their investment to protect, right?

Anyway, they finish their commercial with the claim that they did all this "without raising taxes."

Well, that would be impressive...if it were true. But like the other claims in the commercial, it's that much balderdash.

According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, things are not quite what these scam artists would have you believe.

Taxes are going up for anyone who claims the Earned Income Tax Credit or Homestead Tax Credit. You know, the people who could least afford paying even more. Just so that the rich can have more tax breaks on the capital gains and to increase their companies' profits.

And since the Republicans claim that any time a Democrat raises fees, it's the same as a tax hike, the same can be said about when they do it.

Given that argument, Walker really false short.

Walker is raising the fees for nonprofit agencies who need to do background checks on their employees (which is required by the state) 350%. He is also raising fees on microbrewers, anyone buying a car, anyone taking their road test (y'know, those darn kids are part of the 1%), and firefighters and EMTs.

The most egregious "fee hike" stems from the exorbitant tuition hikes on college students, because they're so filthy rich as well. Seriously, business leaders are telling Walker that their biggest problem is finding qualified workers with the right education, so he turns around and makes it even more difficult for people to get the necessary education and training. How in the world does that make sense, much less becomes a talking point for him?

For the actual numbers, we can go back to the Fiscal Bureau's report for the "savings" coming from Walker's budget:
In summary, the changes included in the Joint Finance Committee's budget would decrease net taxes by $23,572,000 ($5,135,000 in 2011-12 and -$28,707,000 in 2012-13) and would increase net fees by $111,340,800 ($37,248,900 in 2011-12 and $74,091,900 in 2012-13).
In other words, he's killing jobs faster than anyone else in the entire nation, sending our economy into a death spiral, victimizing our children and our vulnerable citizens, and we have the opportunity to pay more for this abuse.

Have you signed a recall petition yet? If not, what the heck are you waiting for?

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