Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Much Trouble Is Walker In?

Two bad omens regarding Scott Walker's chance to finish even one term as governor came out yesterday.

One, the most recent poll shows that 58% of the people are in support of the recall and would vote against. him.

Two, and this is a bit more anecdotal, is that my ultra conservative father eagerly signed my recall petition.  (His neighbors, who also signed, nearly fell out of their chairs when they heard this news.  No one who knows my father would've expected this.)  His quote as he signed it was "A conservative tyrant is just as bad as a liberal tyrant."

Mr. Walker, you'd best start packing.  You only have the sheeples and the the people who invested a lot of money in buying you the governor's seat still supporting you.


  1. I hope your dad is just as adamant about Rebecca Kleefisch. If Walker's recall succeeds and hers fails... she becomes governor by default. Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

  2. Well, that is if the repugs really have no respect for our democracy and it gets yanked to johnsonville sausage packer prosser.

    Don't put those little turd-like wursts on the grill while you watch the socially-owned, union Packers kick butt this year.

  3. Rough Acres- Incorrect. If only Walker was recalled and beaten this Spring in an Election, Kleefisch would remain Lt. Gov. Mini-Van and thankfully not elevate to Governor. But she could do a lot of sabotaging in that spot.

    There is a way that she becomes Gov in a way that would be the ultimate last screw job Walker could pull on us, but I don't want to give that weasal any ideas at this point.

  4. Walker is the pit bull; Kleefisch is the poodle. She would be easier to fight.