Monday, November 7, 2011


From Bruce Murphy, who understands what's happening in Fitzwalkerstan:
Meanwhile the Walker administration has announced it will begin a system of merit pay for exceptional employees. The idea, ostensibly, is to make government work like the private sector. But private companies are driven by the profit margin and reward employees who contribute the most to that profitability.

Not so in the public sector. Government leaders are inevitably tempted to reward political loyalty. And all the changes occurring under Walker are leading in that direction. Unions have lost all ability to represent workers. There will still be civil service protection for those threatened with firing, but it’s difficult to see how civil service rules will prevent cronyism in the awarding of merit raises. And that sends a message to all workers: Be loyal or you’ll never get ahead.


  1. Exceptional= hours worked on your boss's campaign.

  2. This is exactly right, and the Number 1 reason that public sector unions aren't just OK. THEY ARE NECESSARY.

    We must have independent public servants over politically-appointed hacks whenever possible, or else you end up with the Brian Deschanes of the world screwing up government so it can be sold off to campaign contributors. Which is the ultimate goal of the Walker boys, by the way.