Friday, November 18, 2011

Beauty And The Beasts - The Blogger Version

Congratulations to my dear friend, Lisa Mux, aka Waukesha Wonk, for making it to the big time!

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain.

James Wigderson, a Koch Brothers' employee and close associate of Mark Block, wrote a post in which he blatantly misrepresents a peaceful recall petition signing rally which was hosted by some of Scott walker's neighbors.  Ignoring the actual facts, as is his wont, he compared a peaceful event to a KKK rally, of all things.

He then went on to compare Ms.Mux to some sort of intimidating mob.  Her sin to deserve such a condemnation? She dared to tweet one of his posts that was related to a charitable event.!  And on top of that, she tweeted again about the irony of a liberal blogger tweeting a conservative blogger's post!  Oh, the humanity!

Most bloggers would take delight in having their work broadcasted to an even larger audience, especially when it is done in a positive manner like this.

But Wigderson would not have any of that!  He stalked her twitter timeline, making sure he got every tweet about him and using it to launch one ad hominem attack after another at Ms. Mux, because she dared to be nice to him.

The really odd thing about that is that when I was writing at Whallah!, Wigderson expressed concern that I was being a misogynist because I dared to write about a conservative radio squawk show host who happened to be female.  He did so even though I wrote rebuttals to her blog posts in which she would iterate the same old Republican talking points.

In other words, if I write a rebuttal to a wrong-minded position expressed by a woman, I am apparently a misogynist.  But Wiggy can stalk a woman's twitter feed and use it to mischaracterize her and make false accusations about her and he is a hero of the people?  Obviously, this is one of those "It's only OK if a Republican does it" situations.

Ms. Mux really made the big time though when Mark Belling, apparently (but understandably) unable to find anything positive to say about Scott Walker, chose to spend a considerable amount of time reading Wiggy's post on air and slandering Ms. Mux as well.

Having a Koch Brothers' employee and a radio squawker attack you is a sure sign that they see you as a threat, ergo, Ms. Mux has hit the big time. (Although she has yet to meet my marks of being attacked by three squawkers in one day or having one the coveted Deep Tunnel award from Charlie Sykes*)

I just hope and pray that Ms. Mux won't receive the same treatment that the right wing nut jobs have given to other female bloggers.

*Charlie, it's been two years.  Where's my plaque already?

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