Friday, November 25, 2011

Walker Continues To Whiffle

Less than two weeks ago, Scott Walker came out whiffing with an ad featuring a Waukesha school board member who didn't even know how many schools were in her district.

Walker, with an endless amount of funding from the Koch Brothers, the Bradley Foundation and WMC, decides to take another swing.  And he whiffed it again.

This time the ad features "Kristi,"* who is identified as a mother and high school teacher.

But just like his first ad, this one is almost too easy to pick apart.

It turns out that Kristi is indeed a teacher.  But she teaches at a privatized school.  And if that wasn't enough, the Dems are reporting that she is also a GOP activist.

It's no wonder that she thinks that Walker's failing budget is a success.

One must feel sorry for her students.  They sure as hell can't be receiving a quality education from her. Not like they would have if they were going to a public school anyway.

Charlie Sykes thinks that this ad could be effective.  I concur.

Once people find out that the only ones supporting Walker are the mercenaries and the special interests who are pillaging their wallets to make the rich richer, they will be driven in droves to recall him.

I anxiously await for Walker to come back for his third strike.

*Am I the only one that thinks she is reading from a teleprompter placed way above the camera?


  1. And yet, your side fails to have candidates.

    You and I both know who they will be.


    Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Falk are toast.


  2. Correction: We don't have a candidate that you know about.

    Then again, the polls show Walker losing to a rancid potato, so all's good.

  3. Yep. She's reading from a teleprompter. Let the Kochs and AFP keep spending down their wallets for nothing.

  4. Courtesy of the most corrupt administration and political party in the country and a shame to the good reputation of the decent people of Wisconsin. The greed and corruption of Scott "the Weasel" Walker is doing serious damage to the legitimacy of democratic government. The power grab, deceit, and lies of bi-partisanship by the greedy Teabagger fueled Republathug party and their benefactors the Kochs, Walmart, and other corporations looking to avoid their responsibilities to the people who have purchased their services and are the source of their riches.