Monday, November 14, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Working Already! Part XXXVII

With less money in their pocket thanks to Scott Walker's budget, people eat at home and bag lunch it at work. It's cheaper than eating out.

As a result, there's "No soup for you!"
A popular Sheboygan-based soup takeout business that's been quickly expanding into neighboring counties has abruptly shut down.

The downtown Sheboygan Soup A Go-Go restaurant, which was approaching its one-year anniversary, closed for good Monday, as did locations in Manitowoc and Fond du Lac, according to the restaurant's website. A fourth location was slated to open later this month in Oshkosh but wasn't mentioned.

A message at from husband-and-wife owners Mary and Topher Jacobson thanked customers for their support and said, "The bank has said, 'no soup for you,'" in reference to an oft-quoted "Seinfeld" episode.

The couple also owns the M.T. Wine Glass and Grotto restaurant in Sheboygan — where the soup sold at all Soup A Go-Go locations is made — though the website for the Grotto gave no indication as to whether or not it was closing too.

The Grotto was closed Tuesday night, when it's normally open, and the Jacobsons could not be reached for comment. The restaurant is only open during the evening.
Needless to say, all the people that worked at these eateries, including the owners, are now without income and so will be scrimping to save what money they have and thus will be spending less. This in turn will hurt other businesses and other workers and so the cycle will continue until we put a stop to it by replacing the broken part - Scott Walker.


  1. This is a childish reason for blaming Walker. Think through before posting. It could happen during Democratic governor, as well.

  2. Actually, it's not. It fits into the pattern that I've been exposing (notice that this is number 37 of growing series. As he takes money out of the people's pockets to give to his campaign donors, he is taking away potential buyers and businesses start to close. I have a lot more waiting to be posted, they're coming in so fast.