Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXXII

So how did that second "special jobs session" go for Walker and the Republicans?

Not so good actually:
Vehicle parts manufacturer Dana Holding Corp. will close its plant on Brown Deer Road next year, resulting in the loss of about 165 jobs, the company said Thursday.

The closure will take place in December 2012 or in early 2013, said company spokesman Chuck Hartlage.

Wiped out will be 150 United Auto Workers jobs and about 15 salaried positions, according to the union.
And the company had just signed a contract with the union too. But that's not the real kicker.

With 165 jobs leaving the state, what are our "business leaders" and business-orientated government doing? Not much:
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce officials said they learned about the Brown Deer plant closing through a Journal Sentinel online article Thursday, and said they were not aware of efforts by state or local officials to keep the plant open.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. said it had not heard the plant was closing, and Milwaukee 7 economic development officials had not responded to it.

"We were not engaged by (the company) or anyone else to try and see what we could do," said Milwaukee 7 President Patrick O'Brien.
With leadership like that, is it any wonder that the state is hemorrhaging jobs like crazy and the people are suffering more than ever before?

It's time for a change before Walker and company does any more damage to our once great state.

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