Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scott Walker Is Unbelievable

As many of my readers and friends already know, I have been dealing with Scott Walker for nearly a decade. Over the course of all those years, I've seen Walker do and say some things that were simply amazing in their audacity, from telling bald-faced lies to openly flaunting ethics rules to the most egregious abuses of office.

I can also tell you that after all these years, if there is one word that describes Walker, it would be this: Hypocrite.

I have repeatedly seen Walker condemn some behavior or some stance, only to assume it himself. Walker's hypocrisy is so frequent that it's actually a lifestyle for him and I don't know if he even knows how to be genuine with people anymore.

Given even my experience and repeated exposure to his hypocrisy, I thought I had become rather immune to it. But tonight, I have found one article that is so thick with hypocrisy, I'm afraid that exposure to it could turn one into a wereweasel.

The article is from and stems from a press conference Walker held in Madison, once he came back from a West Coast tour of his favorite out of state campaign donors.

I will attempt to point out and counter the hypocrisy which is just oozing out of Walker's pores. Come along, if you dare, but wear your silver crucifix and carry a wooden stake, just to be on the safe side.

Walker starts out with a slightly elevated dose of hypocrisy, complaining about "out of state money" pouring in to fund the recall, and then he ups the ante:
"I think there are legitimately people who have strong feelings for and against this," Walker said in a Capitol press conference. "But I don't think anybody should be confused. The money behind this, just like the money we saw behind the recalls earlier this year, is coming from outside Wisconsin."

Walker defended his campaign’s acceptance of out-of-state contributions, arguing that he wouldn't have to spend a dime on the recall effort without the efforts from out-of-state.
Keep in mind that Walker just came back from a jaunt to Arizona and California to raise millions. And then there is always the Koch Brothers who are not only donating to his campaign, but to the Republican Governors Fund and bankroll the various propaganda machines like Wisconsin Reporter, Media Trackers and McIver Institute.

But even before he ran for governor and even before he was county executive, Walker was taking money from out of state special interests that wanted to privatize our schools and our prisons, just to name a few.

But to be completely and utterly honest, he is correct in a fashion of speaking. The people of Wisconsin are receiving help from people that do not live in Wisconsin, including boots on the grounds plus the means to support them. But not for the recall. I'm talking about the FBI assisting in the investigation of Walkergate.

Walker also again complained about the people that held a petition signing rally in his neighborhood, continuing with his tired allegations of out-of-staters doing this (emphasis mine):
Walker alleged that many of the protesters had been bused in from throughout the state, and said out-of-state money and influence "really raises the stakes and the intensity."

"We, as elected officials, we asked for the job, we expect the scrutiny. It's appropriate, that's what great about America," Walker said. "But our families and even our neighbors, they don't ask for any of this."
This line shows not only his hypocrisy, but is quite a shining example of his duplicity.

You see, the thing is not only did his neighbors not feel put upon, but they were the one that hosted the rally, inviting the recallers to their yards to sign their petitions. It's one thing to be out of touch with the electorate, but to be so clueless and classless as to not even know the neighbors aren't happy with him is incredible. What? Didn't he notice all the Recall Walker signs in his neighbors' yards either?

Next, Walker shows he so far in denial, he could be mistaken for a balding King Tut:
Walker rejected assertions that he had brought the opposition on himself, saying his collective bargaining changes were part of the promises he made to voters last fall.
Remember that Walker testified to Congress, under oath, that he did not campaign on busting the unions.  The question is this: Is he lying to us now or did he commit perjury then?

To wrap up this round of hypocrisy-alooza, Walker talks about how much money the poor baby is paying now:
He added his family has also been impacted by the changes to public employee collective bargaining, noting he contributes to his pension at a higher rate than most other public employees.

"My neighbors are still paying a whole lot more for health insurance, in most cases paying a whole lot more for their retirement," Walker said.
See what I mean? It just doesn't stop!

First of all, Walker made the promise to pay the pension at a higher rate. No one made him pay more. He did it all voluntarily.

Secondly, he didn't even keep that promise but waited almost a full six months before he started making the promised contributions.

And for him to rub in the fact that his of the 1% and his neighbors are of the 99% is rather boorish.

To sum this up, well, Scott Walker is simply unbelievable.  It is unbelievable that he thinks people can't see through his lies. It's unbelievable that he thinks people will continue to tolerate his hypocrisy.  It is unbelievable that he still doesn't get it.

Scott Walker is simply unbelievable.  And it is because he can't be believed about anything that the needs to be recalled, for the good of the state.


  1. In the immortal words of George Hesselberg: How dumb do they think we are?

    It's particularly insulting coming from a bozo who isn't qualified to replace most of the state workers he's pissing on because he got kicked out of college before he got a degree.

    Thanks, Capper. Witcha all the way on this one.

  2. Kids everywhere should take heed: Walker is a good example of what happens to you when you do Koch:

  3. Scott Walker is the son of a pastor and an Eagle Scout and everything.

  4. Leaders clean up messes, opportunists like Jim Doyle are leaches. Scott Walker is cleaning up Doyle's and yes Tommy Thompson's messes.

  5. Oh, I'm sure Walker is cleaning up alright. He's probably cleaning up all the kickbacks he's getting. I hope they put him in the same cell as Blago after the John Doe gets done with him.