Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisconsin In Bottom Half For Business Climate

Site Selection, a leading magazine for corporate real estate and economic development, like most of us, doesn't think too much about what Scott Walker and his Republican cohorts have been doing to our state. They don't even think Fitzwalkerstan ranks in the top half of the states when it comes to doing business:
Apparently, the editors at Site Selection magazine have not heard that Wisconsin is open for business.

The leading corporate real estate and economic development publication has again left Wisconsin off its list of Top 25 States for Business Climate.

Site Selection released its 2011 rankings this week, with Texas slotting in at No. 1 after being runner-up to North Carolina for the past nine years. North Carolina fell to No. 3 behind Georgia.
B-b-b-but Scott Walker said Wisconsin was open for business! He even spent tax payer dollars to make signs saying as much! So what could be wrong?
So how can Wisconsin improve?

"Hanging an open sign is only the first step in encouraging new business," says Ken Harwood, editor of Wisconsin Development News and former mayor of Neenah. "We need to stock the shelves with products businesses want, like, great employees, good schools, continuing education, infrastructure improvements, and a stable tax environment."

So maybe slashing school funding, cutting funding for technical colleges, attacking and attempting to demoralize the work force, rejecting high speed rail and crippling mass transit weren't good ideas after all.  Who'd have thought of that?  I mean besides almost everyone that hasn't drank of the Kool-Aid.

If you want to bring jobs back to the state and if you want to restart the state's economy, the only thing you can do is get rid of Walker and put into office someone who has the savvy to do the job the correct way.  Or at least someone who is in touch with reality.  That would be an improvement too.

Walker simply doesn't have a clue to what he is doing and needs to go, the sooner the better.


  1. How can we possibly be in the back half? This study must have been done before we changed to teaching abstinence only education.

  2. Top three picks at Site Selection are Texas, Georgia and North Carolina? The conditions in these states for workers and education are exactly what Scott Walker is looking to bring about here. Give him time.
    Or don't.