Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nostradamus Walker

While gathering the needed articles for the previous post, I came across a most interesting comment from Scott Walker. In trying to do some damage control after getting caught in a series of lies, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quoted Walker as saying the following, which is eerily prescient of today's events:
In a brief interview after the hearing, Walker was asked if he thinks the dust will settle on this fight, lifting his popularity:

"Well, yes, because I think what people want more than anything is results. . . . When I first came in as (Milwaukee) County executive, people said, 'He'll be gone in two years, it's over.' Instead I went from 54% to 57% of the vote. People said the same thing after my first full term, and we went up to 59% of the vote. That's in a county that is overwhelmingly blue. . . . Now the onus is on us in the state government - we have to produce results. If we fail to produce, well, then you're going to have a different outcome."
Indeed, the people of Wisconsin woke up a lot earlier that Walker expected and he is getting a much different outcome. And a well deserved on at that.

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