Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cowardly Attack Shows Right's Lack of Confidence in Walker

Monday, as the state was waiting in eager anticipation for midnight to strike and the recall of Scott Walker to start, some yet unknown cowardly miscreants used a Denial of Service attack on the United Wisconsin website, causing the site to fall..  United Wisconsin is the grassroots group that is organizing the recall efforts.

While the identities of the criminals are not known yet, there is no doubt that it was done in an effort to deny the people from reclaiming their state back.

Yet, just as with Walker's budget disrepair bill failed to break our wills, the hackers' attack failed to slow people down.  Thousands of people gathered at various stations around the state for their chance to be among the first to sign the recall petitions.

Not only that, but the United Wisconsin site is back up and operating!  There is also the Recall HQ website, which is another place that one can download their own recall petitions to get the signatures of one's family, friends and neighbors. (I'm printing my copies out even as I'm typing this.)  At the Recall HQ site, one can also download the petitions for Senators Van Wanggaard, Terry Moulton and Pam Galloway.

But not only did the act of these brigands fail, it also showed their hand.  And that hand was shaking in terror, since they have obviously have no confidence that Walker will be able to win a recall election without them resorting to illegal means.

And that's something that I can finally agree with them about.


  1. Call me skeptical. Thousands of legit visitors can overwhelm a web site that doesn't have enough oomph to serve that many pages. How do you distinguish that from a true malevolent DDoS? Only the server admin can know for sure. If the hits are coming from all over Wisconsin... well, how do you distinguish that from what they wanted - which was visitors. If they were coming from Brazil and Eastern Europe, that's probably a paid-for DDoS.

  2. I just saw these posts. Intimidation is high on their list.

    I read that Charlie Stykes will read the petitioner signers names over his hate radio show. I am sure these posters get their lead from Hate radio!


    9:21am on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    I'm skiptracing some of the union heads home addresses. Once I get them verified, I'll post them on the Patch.com and other internet sites. Perhaps some counter-demonstrations are in order despite the zero media coverage we would receive. Details upcoming....

    9:25am on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Dirk I will be photographing and video taping license numbers of protestors as well to post thier home addresses and background information. Let me know the details....these union goons and bullies are out of control.

  3. This is intimidation and is wrong. I also heard a caller this morning on WPR suggest that anyone who signs will have their signature become a public record. It should be illegal to use the signatures for any sort of intimidation. I am shocked that this is allowed.

  4. I have to think that if I were supporting a Governor who was ethically challenged, had only limited experience working in the real world, earned a reputation for coruption and cronyism, had a primary agenda to screw the poor and middle class, a history of backing out on campaign promises and just being a total fu-- up of a leader I would be worried too.

    Skippy doesn't have a lot going in his favor for a recall election if people actually look at what has happened while he has been Governor. More jobs are disappearing than are being created, ( that promise of 250,000 jobs looks harder to keep every day ). The gap between rich and poor is growing with more people being cut off from public services by Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers. Skippy calls the State Legislature into special "Jobs" sessions and the last thing that the republicans are concerned about is creating jobs. Cuts in education lay off teachers and increase class sizes. Cuts to local governments cause layoffs and reduction in services. They are more concerned about people being able to carry guns around without any training than they are about putting people back to work.

    About gun totin' training, one republican actually thinks that "we can always trust people to do the right thing" so no training should be required, not even 4 hours. If we can always trust people to do the right thing why do we have any laws at all? If we can always trust people to do the right thing then robbing from this person must be the right thing to do, murduring that person must be the right thing to do.

    This is confusing especially when it comes from a member of the Republican party, you know, the people who usually want to lock people up and throw away the key. Wasn't Skippy, when he was in the legisture, one of the biggest backers of the supermax prison?


    If I was represented by any of these people I would organize a recall against him or her. It would be worth all the time that it took to protect Wisconsin citizens from such buffoonery.

  5. More class from these guys- Some GOP thug threw a brick through a Madison business's window for the "crime" of having anti-Walker items. Typical cowardice from these bozos, but hey, more fuel for the fire to make sure we crush these bastards.

    I live a few blocks from said incident, and let's just say that Cindy Archer might be Walker's ONLY supporter that lives in this neighborhood. (Hmmm...)