Friday, November 11, 2011

The Weasel With Crocodile Tears

The Democratic Party issued a press release a couple of days ago in which they called on Scott Walker to return a $7,500 raise in salary that he gladly accepted as he was sworn in as governor.

What set off their righteous indignation and the demand for Walker to return that money was that Walker had the audacity to go on a radio program and start sniveling about how he was losing money from having to pay towards his pension.

Now let's back them crocodile tears up for a minute.

First of all, as the Dems point out, Walker lied through his weasel teeth about paying for his pension from day one.  The Dems figure that this comes to about $5,600.

When you add in the raise he took with both hands, it comes to six months worth of pay for a state maintenance worker or a correction officer.

But even if you give Walker credit at face value for what he is claiming about the "loss of $10,000 in purchasing power," he's still full of crap.

When you look at what he made in 2010, his last year as Milwaukee County Executive, you'll see that his salary was more than $129,000:

If you were foolish and naive enough to take Walker at his word, he is currently make about $134,000.  That is still $5000 more than what he was making lat year.

Another way to look at it is, if you again lose all common sense and the instinct for self-preservation, he is out about 7% of his pay.

Now compare that to a public sector worker, who is down by an average of 13%, with some workers losing as much as 18% of their take home pay.

Methinks the Dems are going a bit easy on him.

Walker should be returning at least $20,000, if he was truly serious about everyone sharing the sacrifice.

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  1. He should give a lot of money back to Milwaukee County. Once upon a time he promised to only take a small salary to be County Executive. That promise didn't last too long. What a surprise.