Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Near and Far, The People Are In Full Voice

My, but the pendulum is swinging back to the people but in a mighty way.

In Mississippi, the people shot down the proposal trying to take away a woman's right of choice.  There is no word about the referendum to have an acorn defined as an oak.

In Maine, voter rights were maintained when the elimination of same day registration was flatly rejected.

In Michigan, anti-union and anti-worker State Representative Paul Scott was ousted in a recall.

In the Great State of Ohio, the union-busting bill, which was brought to referendum by more than one million petition signers, went down in flames as the voters restored sanity by firmly and loudly voicing that people come before profits.

And here in Wisconsin, with possibly more significance that even the Ohio vote, Jill Billings overwhelmingly defeated her opponent who had placed himself deeply in Scott Walker's camp.

Overall, it was a pretty sounding rejection of corporatism and the Republican agenda, which has nothing to do with creating jobs or fixing the economy, but only with centralizing their wealth and their power.

Finally, I am still working on confirming the rumor that Walker is having Maalox delivered in tanker trucks.

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