Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXXVIII

Scott Walker said many times how he was going to use his laser sharp focus (read: weasel beady-eyed gaze) on creating jobs by taking our money and giving it to his campaign donors businesses.  So how's that working? Not so good, actually:
About 60 percent of Wisconsin businesses that completed tax credit programs tied to job creation during the past five years actually hired as many people as they expected, according to a Wausau Daily Herald analysis of state data.

Of the 191 other businesses still active in the programs, just 8 percent so far have created the required number of jobs to earn the credits, the review shows.

Nine of 15 businesses that completed state tax credit contracts since 2007 met the hiring goal, according to the records. Two of the 15 businesses in the programs did not create a single new job in five years, and four others fell short of the goal.

Economic development experts and business leaders -- including some who received the incentives -- said the state tax credits alone don't spur new jobs. Instead, job creation still boils down to a simple premise: Increased demand for a strong company's product or service drives hiring.
Yeah. And the only way you can create demand is if the people have the money to buy said product or service. Walker made sure that didn't happen when he took our money away.

Have you signed a recall petition yet?

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  1. But, but, Skippy is going to save us. He gave us tools.

    Wait a minute.

    The only tool here is Walker. He is a tool of the Koch brothers and their front group, you know the Prosperous Americans for Themselves ( I think I got the name right, or were they calling themselves the Americans for Prosperity? ).

    Walker had to screw the poor and middle class! The rich people are suffering! Can you immagine the horror of having to cut your european vacation a day short? I tremble at the thought.

    Curse you! Curse you for thinking that millionaires and billionaires, oops, I meant to say "job creators" should share in the pain that working class people in Wisconsin have to endure every day.

    Why should they have to endure the pains of having to decide if they want to buy food or medicine today? Should I pay the rent or the telephone bill today? Should I pay the energy bill or should I have that thing that looks like a tumour on my arm taken care of?

    Don't you understand?! If we don't give all of our money to the millionaires and billionaires, oops, I meant to say "job creators", that we are all doomed!