Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scott Walker: He's Not Working For Us

From WISDems:

Here's the script:
"Scott Walker: He's Not Working For Us"

Scott Walker: Wisconsin's best days are yet to come…

Screen: Progress: ?

Audio: Since Scott Walker has been Wisconsin governor, unemployment has gone up

Screen: Scott Walker: 9,300 Private-Sector Jobs Lost in October (Journal Sentinel, November 17,2011)

Audio: The biggest cuts in public education in the entire country

Screen: Scott Walker: $1.85 Billion Slashed from Education

Audio: Cuts about a half billion from the state medicaid program

Screen: Scott Walker: $554 Million Cut from Health Care (WKOW Madison, September 30, 2011)

Audio: Basically soaked the middle-class and the poor to reward the rich

Screen: Video of working and middle-class people

Audio: Koch Industries was the fourth largest donor during his 2010 campaign

Screen: Images of Charles and David Koch and data showing Koch Industries as a top donor to Scott Walker's campaign

Audio: These billionaires have been buying up the governors to make sure they never have to pay taxes again

Screen: Video of Scott Walker

Audio: And they're doing everything they to crush the bottom

Screen: Scott Walker: Billions in Tax Cuts to the Rich

Scott Walker: You know, Wisconsin's best days have yet to come

Screen: Progress: For Who?

Screen: Scott Walker: He's Not Working For Us

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