Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scott Walker Is Such A Bad Governor...

Let's make this an interactive post:

I say, "Scott Walker is such a bad governor..."

You, gentle reader, say, "How bad is he?"

And then I say, "He's so bad, he won't even attend his own support rally!"

Then we all laugh at him.

H/T Illy-T

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  1. There is an explanation from Brian Westrate, Eau Claire County Republican Chair that explained why. (we have a lot of sockpuppets hitting up the local papers here...)

    Essentially, Westrate had to "support the troops" by attending events with Wisconsin National Guard members and their families instead.

    Westrate didn't just make the factual "why" statement, but seemingly he had to add that (more or less)he "hoped the protestors" didn't ruin the "support the troops" event that Walker was attending.

    Nothing like trying to stir up emotions by tossing in that little heart-tugger by making it appear that all recall supporters are nothing more than "protestors."

    But, maybe the Repubs were hoping to get some good film footage of "the bad protestors" not "supporting the troops?"