Sunday, November 27, 2011

Walker Lied? So What Else Is Old?

You know Scott Walker is having problems when even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel can't find a way to help him out of a lie:
Walker referred to school survey results, saying "the overwhelming number of districts saw that staffing was the same or greater."

But he cherry-picked figures in his favor, leaving out a key factor -- retirements -- that formed the basis of the survey’s conclusions on overall staffing reductions. When they are included, the survey actually shows the opposite of what he said.

We rate his statement False.
Of course, the gentle reader already knew that Walker's education plan of slashing school funding wasn't working.

Oddly, despite the growing evidence, often reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that Walker is simply on of the worst governors of all time in all the states, the paper still can't bring itself to stop supporting him.

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  1. Without the retirements, districts would have had to lay off plenty of teachers. Walker is so full of it.