Sunday, April 15, 2012

The AFP Show of Farce!

Judging by the way my reader was filling up yesterday with one breathless post after another by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I thought that the Koch-sponsored and utterly misnamed Americans for Prosperity finally had success putting on a successful rally.  The paper kept claiming "thousands" of people were there to support Scott Walker and the Republicans and to celebrate their great successes.

Then, courtesy of Reform Dem, I saw the big crowd:

Thousands? That picture shows that using the term "dozens" might be overly generous.

That rally makes the flop of a rally in January in Wauwatosa look like a smashing success.

And even the pathetic showing wasn't as good as it might seem.  Some of the crowd were real Wisconsinites and not the elderly people they bused up from Illinois.  People like my friend Michael Matheson, who did his damnedest to fit in with the crowd:

Seriously, this is supposed to be Scott Walker's base, his last line of defense.

The weather was perfect.  The buses were paid for by the Kochs.  It was Tax Day, the most hated day by teahadists.  All people had to do was show up.  And hardly anyone did.

If Walker can't inspire his base to come out when all the conditions and circumstances line up as perfectly as one could hope, what does that say about his chances in June?

I take comfort in seeing that more and more people are recognizing that it's not working, that Walker is as corrupt as they come and that even a rancid potato would be better than what we have now.


  1. They really need to hold these things in Walkersha.

  2. I rode my bike down there (because it was a nice day) for exactly this reason - to see for myself what sort of crowd they had drawn. My guess was/is maybe 750, maybe a thousand if you include gawkers and anti-Walker people on the fringes.

    This morning the WI State Journal quoted a Dept of Admin person who put it at 2000.

    The "several thousand" that the Journal kept saying? Not. A. Chance.

  3. It's irresponsible for the Wisconsin media to keep reporting high numbers for these events and low number for pro-labor, working class family rallies, almost as if they're afraid to tell the truth. It's weird.

  4. Reporter Bill Glauber refrained from mentioning the crowd size at Walker's kickoff, too. Someone assigned him the fluff-the-TEA-Party beat.

  5. That sign is really really really funny.