Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Year Of Awesomeness - Congratulations, Sarah Schulz!

Congratulations to Sara Schultz who is celebrating her first anniversary of doing her awesome show, which is becoming more popular each week, despite having me on a handful of times.

Here is the overview of her anniversary show:

I'm very excited to have my 1 year anniversary show. What a year we have had!  
I will start out the show with Rebecca Kimble from The Progressive and the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-Op. We will talking about the mining issue, Senator Jauch's recall, and the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-Op. Ending the first hour will be Mike McCabe from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. We will be talking about money in local races, money with the recall, and is all the money being spent. 
Yuri Rashkin from Defend Wisconsin Weekly News Round-Up will be on to discuss the week in Wisconsin. Following Yuri will be Scot Ross from Kathleen Falk's campaign to discuss how the campaign is going. I will finish up the show with Melissa Baldauff from the DPW. 
We will be talking about the fake dems running in the recall elections, the latest on the Cousin's sub issue, and more dirty tactics the GOP is using in Wisconsin. All starts at 9am Friday. The call in numbers are 877-497-1797 or 310-742-1896.  
Here's the link to the show: 

Sara Schulz 
The Sara Schulz Show
WIDE 99.1 LPFM Madison
WHYS 96.3 LPFM Eau Claire
WFAQ 92.9 LPFM Mukwonago/Waukesha

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