Thursday, April 19, 2012

McCarthyism Leads To Death Threats

Because the right wing nut jobs can't handle the fact that they can't control the people of Wisconsin, they resorted to attempting to intimidate people, including myself, with the rise of a new sort of McCarthyism.

Media Trackers, the propagandists for the Bradley Foundation and the Koch Brothers, took this McCarthyism to new heights, or to be more accurate, to new lows, by trying to demonize anyone who exercised their constitutional right of signing a recall petition.

This wave of McCarthyism was enough to prove that the end of all credibility for the mainstream media.  And what the McCarthyism didn't kill, their hypocrisy finished off.

Sadly, the predictable end result of this irresponsible behavior, fascism, has now been realized, as the right wing nut jobs have taken to issuing death threats because people stood up for Wisconsin (spelling errors theirs):
Lammers adivsed that at approximately 1:21 pm, she received an incoming phone call from an anonymous male caller.  Lammers stated that the suspect started the conversation by complaining about Rob Starbuck signing the "Recall Governor Scott Walker" petition.  While the suspect indulged in his verbal tirade, Lammers stated that the suspect stated, "he should be wearing a bullet proof vest, better yet he should be wearing it on his head," referring to Starbuck. 
Lammers express that the suspect articulated that the reason Starbuck should wear a vest was because he was going to "shoot him his head." Upon the suspect making the statement, Lammers stated that he had disconnected from the phone conversation.  Lammers advised that she was disturbed by 40 second phone  conversation, and forward the information to her supervisor Colin Benedict.
Sadly, this is becoming the norm for too many people on the right as the panic sets in that Walker is in serious trouble, both from the recall and from Walkergate.  They see that their grand schemes of ruling over the state and the country slipping away and this is their way of giving themselves a sense of control.

I hope they catch the bastard that made the phone call and hold him accountable for it.

MAL Contends and Jeff Simpson have more.

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  1. #WIunion knows the names and phone numbers of a whole lot of trolls that should be handed over to the police department for research.