Monday, April 23, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part CIV

More signs of Walker's budget continued effect:

Sells Printing Company submitted a WARN notice Friday showing it plans to permanently cease operations on December 31. 
Sells, located at 16000 W. Rogers Drive in New Berlin, has planned a mass layoff from June 22 to December 31. About 67 employees will be affected.  On June 22, 55 employees will be permanently laid off, followed by three more layoff dates through the end of the year.

Walker is claiming to have saved tax payers a billion dollars.  He just might be telling the truth. With everyone losing their jobs, they don't pay income tax.  And without jobs, they lose their houses and then don't pay property tax.


  1. this makes NO sense...........

    1. It doesn't make sense only to those who drink the Walker Kool-Aid.

  2. Walker is a crypto-fascist

  3. Due to electronic media, printing firms and paper companies are closing throughout the country. This is a sign of Walker's budget effect? Oooooookay.