Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just What America Needs! Trophy Polar Bears!

Paul Ryan and his ALEC-sponsored fellow Republicans are trying to be sneaky. Even though his budget-busting, people-hating, draconian anti-Medicare bill was rightfully stopped in its tracks, Ryan and cohorts tried to sneak it through in a completely unrelated bill:
The procedure was tucked into legislation setting the rules for debate on a sports hunting bill, an unrelated measure that would open more public lands to hunters and sportsmen and amend an existing law to allow those who had killed polar bears in Canada before they became listed as endangered species to bring the trophies into the U.S.
Fortunately, the people have a champion that wants to represent them and not the corporate interests. That champion is Rob Zerban, who dissects what Ryan is trying to do and shows the peril that Ryan would put us in:
Let’s look at how the Ryan budget breaks down:

Under Ryan’s budget, everyone loses. We could talk numbers all day but let me give you some consequences of this proposal. Seniors would face an increase of $6,000 a year in their health care costs, and will pay an additional $44 Billion to pharmaceutical companies when the donut hole is reopened. 38,000 teachers could lose their jobs and 166,000 students lose their work-study opportunities and ability to pay for their education. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 400,000 Americans could lose their housing voucher. We would lose over 4,500 federal agents that fight crime and patrol the border. For small business owners as I was, 4 million of us would lose tax credits allowing us to provide healthcare to our employees.

All this information is to make a simple point. Paul Ryan’s budget is not a serious or well-reasoned plan. It is a purely political, selfish, lopsided, and downright dangerously irresponsible proposal. I believe the best way to describe this budget is Robin Hood in reverse!

I am running for Congress to make sure Paul Ryan, and all the far-right dittoheads who follow his advice, know that the American people want to see a new direction in our Congress.

I think we need to protect the middle class and not let the rug get pulled out from under people. The danger of this is so great that it cannot be ignored.

We have had 25 months of economic recovery. The recovery is fragile, and we are making progress despite the best efforts of House Republicans. We have seen no leadership from Ryan. We have seen obstruction, misinformation, and the half-baked policies I have discussed above.
You can learn how to help Rob help us by visiting his website.

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  1. Paul Ryan thinks we are all suckers.Vote this sucker out!