Monday, April 23, 2012

The Walker Yard Sign No One Wants...

...but some do get to have:


  1. it is starting to look like your only hope, isn't it?

    1. Whatever gets you through the day.

    2. Not bad....I was just looking for your explanation why the unions are seemingly abandoning Falk. I also would be concerned that the lack of a plan for Wisconsin from Barrett as well as a reluctance of the large unions to support him would suggest it will be tough for him to pick up the 5 points he needs. But maybe a skewed perspective might not see these concerns.

  2. Imustberacist,

    Except for that Wisconsin-Leads-Nation-in-Employment-Loss thing. Not a winnner for Walker:

    And, off the top of my head:

    - Taking away local democratic control
    - Power grabs
    - Education cuts
    - Health care cuts
    - Secrecy
    - Obliteration of open meetings
    - Corruption of government
    - Voter obstuction
    - Expansion of taxpayer-financed political appointees
    - Expansion of taxpayer-financed boneses and raises for favored public workers [see ]
    - Protection of crooks who stole money from veterans
    - Raping of the environment
    - War against womens' choice
    - Repeal of wage equity act

    One can go on and on.

    1. Not to mention raising taxes on the poor and the elderly. That's why my conservative father is voting against Walker.

    2. I would love to ask your dad what he thinks will happen to his tax bill if Falk wins. Something tells me that anything slightly right of your views is deemed conservative here.

  3. The recall effort has put progress on hold as nobody in their right mind would invest here if a recall could possibly undo the reasons to invest. We've already seen the democrats run-off $1.5 billion in investment this year alone.

    Guilty before being proven innocent in a court of law I see...

  4. Excellent. Thanks for the Monday-morning laff!

    So far, only six -- as I recall, um, remember -- are standing trial for Walker, and soon may stand trial with Walker, but my bet is that the number will grow to require a ream of these signs.

  5. Anonymous 7:58: If you are correct that the recall has run off business, then Walker would have been wise to not invite it with his tactics -- and you would have wise to vote for someone who actually was raised in Wisconsin, not in Colorado Springs, and would understand the traditions of that state that he has so traduced.

    He sowed, he reaps. You sowed, you reap.

    No way, though, that we ought to have to reap the result of this mess that you sowed with Walker. So the run-off is of you, too. You are welcome to leave Wisconsin, because we're taking it back to the Wisconsin that it was, not the pseudo-Colorado Springs that you and Walker want it to be.

  6. I thought it was going to be the sign with the spelling error.

    1. John, you know full well that misspelled signs are very popular with the teahadists.