Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Mine Own Self Be True

Sunday night, the group Anonymous did a dox drop on the group known as "Knot My Wisconsin" or alternatively as "Operation Burn Notice."  This group is a particularly vulgar group of trolls who have been going around terrorizing people on Facebook and other places on the Internet.  They even came here to pay me a visit.
It was a lengthy document that included the names, addresses and phone numbers of these miserable wretches as well as the role many of them played in these hate groups.  It also did the same for many Republican officials, both electeds and members of the party, that either partook, endorsed or were in some way affiliated with this group of reprobates.  Some of the information was very personal to say the least.

The thought of laying retribution to those that have terrorized so many for so long was utterly enticing.  So much so that I wrote a post including the link to the dox dump, savoring the feeling of vengeance.

But then fate stepped in.

Overnight, the link to the dox dump broke.  The site was no longer there.  Without it, the post I had written became unsubstantiated.  The proof was gone.

However, many people provided me with new links, cached links, doc forms of the dump and even on pdf.   They wanted me to strike out and lay holy hell to the bad guys.  

And I was sorely tempted to put the post back up with the new formats.  And frankly, I still want to.

But I was also hesitant.  As tempting it is to strike back, to give as good as we got, I wondered if I should do so.

It's not that these subhumans don't deserve it because they most certainly do.  And I have no false notions that these villains wouldn't do the same to any of us, for they have already have done as much.

And that is exactly what has stayed my hand, at least for now.  Just because they did it doesn't make it OK for me to do it.  In fact, because they've done it, are doing it and will continue to do it, it's all the more reason for me not to.

I have my pride.  I have my soul.  I have my self-respect. I don't want to be like them.  I'm better than them, dammit!

I know that by choosing not to do that post, I am disappointing a lot of people.  But I won't apologize for making what I believe is the right choice - at least for now.

There may come a time when they've pushed me too far.  They might have attacked once too often or crossed some unknown line which will compel me to reproduce the post and unleash what may be.  But I'll worry about that when and if the time comes.

It's not like the information isn't already out there.  And, to be honest, I'll probably end up parts of it for future posts.  

But for now, I can hold my head high, knowing that I've done what they can't and/or won't.  I've taken the high road.  

And like I said, if things change...well, I'm no stranger with getting into the thick of things, am I?  But for now, I'll settle with going after bigger weasels more worthy of my time.


  1. lol so you are attempting to take the high road after you already posted all this info before? Wow you are amazing indeed...amazingly stupid.

    1. Thank you for proving my point about you being unable to take the high road. I feel even better about my decision not to be like you.

  2. You has nothing at all. I don't know why you thought this was so interesting. Nothing linked to anyone. Just random list. What a dumbass. Retribution will be hell.

  3. Meh. Like I really care what cowardly trolls have to say.

  4. You did take the high road and I think you made the right choice.

  5. There's nothing wrong with saving a little ammo.

  6. I think you made the right choice. Some of the info may well be worth pursuing, but publication of some, like names of family members, seems over the line at this point.

  7. Stay above fray. Not always easy but always honorable.

  8. Proud of you Capper. Very proud.