Thursday, April 19, 2012

Democrats, Dump ALEC!

Progressive Change, at, has been taking part in the war against ALEC.  They've been putting pressure on ALEC's sponsors to drop their support for them.  

They have a petition which you can sign to add your voice to help keep this pressure up.

But what I found most exciting is that they will be hosting a national media launch on Friday, April 20, starting at 11 am, central time.  This launch will include eight legislators from around the nation, calling out their fellow Democrats to do the right thing and dump ALEC.  

And I'm proud to say that our own Senator Chris Larson will be leading this call, standing up for the people and against the would be corporate overlords, just as he has since being elected.

Thank you, Senator Larson, for your continued leadership to take not only our state, but our country back!


  1. Great job Senator Larsen!

    Capper-What do you make of the exoneration letter?

  2. Dump regressive ALEC

    and support progressive ALICE: