Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Business Group Overzealous In Trying To Buy Election For Walker

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce PAC had its greedy little hand slapped by the Government Accountability Board.   The MMAC PAC was fined a measly $500 and had to take back $170,000 in illegal campaign donations to the Walker campaign to help him buy his seat back during the recall election.

The fact that Walker's campaign was accepting illegal donations is nothing new.  The first conviction to come out of the Walkergate investigation was when railroad maven William E. Gardner was caught giving illegal donations to Walker's campaign.

But there is something that is interestingly missing from the reporting on the MMAC story.

The Journal Communications, which claims to have an interest in producing unbiased news, failed to mention that its CEO, Steven Smith, is an officer of MMAC's board.  I guess their transparency is like of the two-way mirror variety.

Go figure.


  1. The $500 fine is meant to discourage them. And who says government can't do anything right?

  2. I just cancelled my subscription to the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel. It's obvious readers will not get "news" from this paper -- but, rather, big business fascist support or promotional articles for Walker.