Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part CII

Apparently, propaganda doesn't sell like it used to.  In doing the research for the Media Trackers article, I noticed that I get more visits than they are.  Now, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who backed Scott Walker and his War on Wisconsin, is reaping their reward:
The publishing division of Journal Communications Inc., which includes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is seeking employees to voluntarily leave the company in exchange for a “separation package.”

Betsy Brenner, who is the president and publisher of the Journal Sentinel, said in a letter to employees the Milwaukee-based company needs to adjust staffing levels to align with revenue.

The voluntary separation program is available to employees in all departments within the Journal Sentinel, Journal Community Publishing and Community Newspapers Inc., including the corporate IT department, Brenner said.
The article also reports that MJS lost 6.5% revenue from 2010 to 2011 and 40% in the last five years. The fact that Steve Smith still hasn't figured out that things aren't working and there needs to be a change in direction should be taken into consideration whenever his company or one of its subsidiaries endorse Walker.

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  1. I would say Al Gore has more to do with the Journals problems than our selfless hero of a governor, since he invented the internet. Not to mention global warming, that's been a cash cow for him.