Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Generous Attorney General

A reader of Cog Dis alerted me to this story, which shows the generosity of Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who gave out hundreds of thousands of dollars of "merit awards":
Records show DOJ bonus pay totaled $289,629.

Among those receiving a Discretionary Merit Compensation Award (DMC) was Deputy Attorney General Kevin St. John. St. John successfully argued the state's collecting bargaining case last year before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

St. John's merit bonus raised his annual salary more than $5,000 to $134,307.

St. John's wife, Assistant Attorney General Rebecca Rapp St. John also received a DMC, raising her annual salary more than $4,000 to $66,844.

Assistant Attorney General Steve Means told 27 News the merit bonuses to St.John, his wife and others were warranted.
Apparently, as was predicted, merit means crony in Fitzwalkerstan.

Meanwhile, over 350 DOJ employees were snubbed, as were tens of thousands of other public sector workers, despite having to take massive pay cuts so that Walker could redistribute the wealth to the already-wealthy. I long for the day when your pay was based on merit and contractual agreements instead of political whims of petty feudal lords.

Sadly, it will be another two months before honor can be restored to the state by voting Walker and his minions out.


  1. I read all of Abele's staff got a raise too. Maybe your on to something here. But it happens on both sides of political ideology.

    1. Now you know why we call Abele "Walker Lite."