Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's My Vote, Not Walker's

Team Barrett, in one of their ten daily email blasts, included one about how Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Republican Governors Association will be spending a bundle of money on TV ads to support Scott Walker and to trash Tom Barrett.  They claim this is proof that they're afraid of Barrett.  It could be just that he's in the lead and he's the easiest target.

Well, for you and me, it would be a bundle.  For these two groups, it's about an hour's worth of profit.

Yeah, well, sad to say, negative ads are part of the silly season of politicking.

But the real kicker of the email came at the end:

"The truth is Walker would welcome the opportunity to square off against any of the Democratic candidates for governor except Tom Barrett," said Walzak.  "The fact that Walker and his political cronies are trying to snuff out Tom in the primary should send a powerful message to the thousands and thousands of grassroots activists across Wisconsin dedicated to ending Walker's ideological war on our Wisconsin values: if you want to beat Scott Walker on June 5th, vote Tom Barrett on May 8th."
I'm sorry, but Scott Walker doesn't tell me how to vote.  Nor do the unions. Nor anyone else, for that matter.

I am an independent thinker that can weigh out the pros and cons of each candidate, thank you very much.

Furthermore, I'd feel pretty safe in saying so is most of the grassroots activists who fought for so long and hard to take our state back for the corporate interests and those who would let them buy the state out for a song.

And if they are like me, they'll be voting for Falk, believing her to be the best candidate to not only beat Walker, but to fix the mess he's made of the state.  And if they think that Kathleen Vinehout, Doug LaFallotte or Tom Barrett is the best candidate, well, bless them.  That is one of the great things about this country.  We're all allowed to vote our conscience.  

Regardless of who wins on May 8th, I also feel pretty safe in saying that we will all rally behind that candidate, whomever she or he might be.

And on a side note, if having some ads saying something bad about someone makes them the best candidate,  well, then, I should be crowned the king.  After all, not only did I have squawkers and right wing media slandering me for days and weeks and months, but I had Walker's own henchmen, the utterly misnamed Citizens for a Responsible Government, file a false criminal complaint, using falsified "proof," because they needed a diversion from the beginnings of Walkergate.


  1. My favorite part of what you say above is that we will all be behind who ever wins the primary. That's huge!!!

  2. It also doesn't hurt that she (Falk) is your last chance (albeit thin) to get your collective bargaining rights back. Not to mention taxpayers picking up the full tab of your pension and healthcare again.

    1. We were already paying 100% of the cost. Please, keep your lies to yourself as you shout along with Sykes and Belling.

    2. Co-incidence, I pay 100% too. Somehow it doesn't seem the same though. There's always the private sector if you have it so bad.
      I am just guessing at reasons that you like Falk over Barrett.

    3. Gimme your paycheck, imustbearacistfool.


      My pension payments as a state employe, every penny of them, always has come and still come from my paycheck. My pay that I have earned, that comes on a check with my name on it, so it no longer is state money.

      When it's my paycheck, it's my money now, just as deductions from it are from my money.

      Not yours.


      You keep claiming a piece of my money, that makes you a thief. If not, then gimme your paycheck. Now. It must be mine, if my paycheck is yours.

      This is not brain surgery, this is not rocket science, and you have had this explained to you, time and time again. Yet you refuse to think it through and figure it out for yourself, despite all the help that we have given you here. That makes you a fool.

      Embarrassing for you -- but fun for us to keep pointing out that you're a fool.

  3. Thank you for speaking up. I'm a teacher, and I consider my union's endorsement, but I make my own decisions - educated decisions.

  4. I also consider myself to be an independent and I am still deciding. I also make my own educated decisions. The problem is, I like all the candidates and can't wait for the June 5th election.