Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Because We're Getting Paid 81 Cents"

Kathleen Falk on the War on Women:

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, working moms can't even get a paid sick day.


  1. her math is off. it's 77-78 cents on the dollar.

  2. Odd...... the democrats didnt take care of this when they controlled government at both the state and federal levels. Hopefully the responsible party will take up this cause in the next session. While I am not in favor of government placing more mandates on business because it will just influence some business's not to hire women, or to enable lawyers to skim their share off the top via lawsuits. There must be better ways to help promote equal wages assuming all other factors are equal. In the meantime maybe Romney can use this double standard against Obama.

  3. What I read at the link is that working moms can get "a" paid sick day, or actually several paid sick days. They may not be able to get as many sick days as the law would have allowed.

    Where did I miss the law that bans any sick days? (And for working dads, who get sick, too?)

    1. Nice try, but your obfuscation doesn't change the fact that Barrett actively fought against the people and denied them their will.

    2. Huh?

      So the answer is that the statement about which I asked a question is a statement that I made? No. The question is about the statement that you made vs. the statement at the link, and about which is correct -- which is, if not obfuscation, at least exaggeration.

      But the lack of what would seem to be a simple answer is obfuscation, so I'll just have to trust the link.

    3. There is no law that bans it. The discussion is about the ending of the law that mandates them, like many other cities in the nation already have. But we already know that Walker et alia are taking us backwards.