Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kathy Nickolaus is Out of There!

In a state full of  unqualified incompetent republican elected officials, the textbook example of it is Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus.  Nickolaus is so incompetent that even republican hack James Wigderson can not defend her. .  That is saying something, as Wiggy has even defended Brian Pierick and Tim Russell's preying on young boys, anything to advance the cause!

Yet even Nickolaus is indefensible to even the truest of the true believers. Finally she sees the writing on the wall(finally looked in a mirror perhaps) and is not running for re-election.  What no one knew about Nickolaus though was her brilliant sense of humor!
"It's time to close the door on this chapter of my life," Nickolaus said Friday afternoon. "So much has been focused on me, but now it's important that positive energy is spent on the re-election of Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald."

She is implying that everything spent on her has been "positive energy". After the laughter stops, we realize that instead of the term "positive energy" she meant to use "incompetence".That fits much better in that statement.
Nickolaus said constant public scrutiny was one factor in her decision to leave the position she's held for 10 years, but ultimately she feels it¹s just time to move on. "I wanted to announce early so that a qualified candidate could get into the race," Nickolaus said.
Nickolaus once again makes us laugh, as if a qualified candidate has been in the office for the last 10 years and as if Waukesha County cares about electing "qualified candidates"
Three people have already filled out the necessary paperwork to run for the position, but Nickolaus said it's too early for her to decide if she'll endorse anyone to be her successor.
Again she cracks us up! Anyone running for office, will define the word running, as running as far away from Kathy Nickolaus's  endorsement as they possibly can.

Good Bye and Good Riddance to Kathy Nickolaus! While the memories are painful, thanks for the laughs!  


  1. Here's my 2 cents, for what it's worth (hope it's okay to post this here-if not, please let me know, thanks!)

  2. Lisa,

    You are welcome anywhere I am! I already read that and understand where you are coming from.

    As Waukesha has proven you do not need to be qualified to be elected. SO heaven forbidshe was re-elected. Anyway she is gone is ok by me,

    1. Thanks, Jeff!
      Really, this isn't about Waukesha County or Kathy Nickolaus, but a flawed system.
      This type of situation could happen in any Wisconsin county, with any county clerk, and then what? We just hope the person doesn't seek re-election? How is that okay with voters?
      I don't get it.

  3. Nicholaus is closing the door s l o w l y. She's got to be there for the next 3 elections...just to be sure...all the ballots are found. With or without standing for reelection, the woman was guaranteed a red, white and blue parachute to augment her county pension.

    Lisa is right. Our election system is flawed in so many ways and the monitoring depends on trustworthy individuals. I watched the 2004 recounts in several BOEs in NE Ohio, and "good-natured" bi-partisen compliance with obvious illegal acts occurred at each locations was obvious. BOE staff representing both Dem and Rep parties were in collusion to protect the "integrity" of the office.

    Safe electronic voting machine designs are the number one problem, of course, but I'd feel a lot better if the other American parties had a seat at the table in the official process.

  4. Her statement is very telling. Shouldn't an elections official be nonpartisan. Why is she stating that the energy should be focused on re-electing Walker and other Republicans? Was that where her energy was focused all along?

  5. I hear Walker's already called for a special session to find a new person to hold the "Open Bag O'Missing Ballots."

  6. There is no better blog post than this one to remind everyone:

    "That it is not who votes that counts. It's WHO COUNTS the votes that counts.

    Kathy Nickolaus is the epitome of the proof of this statement.

    Wakeup recall supporters getting to the polls and voting is imperative.

    But making sure the recall is not stolen during the vote counting is tantamount to winning.

    Every recall supporter must be vigilant after the polling places close. Make sure your vote counts. MAKE SURE IT COUNTS!