Friday, April 20, 2012

Ol' Capper's Going National With FDL

David Dayen, of, will be taking a couple of weeks off.

I have the distinct honor and privilege of being one of the people that will be trying to fill his shoes while he is vacationing:
So I’m going to be stepping away from the blog for a couple weeks as I take a long-delayed vacation. But as I’ve said, I won’t be leaving you empty-handed. I have assembled a diverse group of writers to hold down the fort over the next two weeks.


Chris Liebenthal: I very much wanted to elevate a state blogger and showcase some of the great and often unrewarded work that goes on there. With the Wisconsin recalls in full swing, I thought that would be a great place to start. Chris has his own blog called Cognitive Dissidence, and he is one of the leading experts in the blogosphere on Walkergate, the continuing investigation into corruption at Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County executive office and on his gubernatorial campaign. It’s a really deep story with a lot of tentacles, and I hope Chris can make sense of it for you.
Here's hoping that I don't embarrass myself, or Wisconsin, too much. And who knows, isn't this how all the great writers get discovered?

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  1. Go forth and educate them, they are in for a good story.

    You won't embarrass anyone, that has been done already by several branches of government here, I see no way a blogger could make it worse.

    Maybe the trickiest thing to convey will be the sense of intrigue built up by "the secretive nature of the John Doe". The fact that they can't really tell us anything magnifies everything.

    Congratulations and may the internet rise up to meet you...