Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part CII

The following was sent in by an observant reader, showing how well Scott Walker's "business-friendly" budget it working for all of us:
American Family Insurance officials are informing their employees this week that they plan to continue to reduce their workforce in 2012 and that layoffs are possible in the future.

American Family media relations director Ken Muth said that the company will continue to try and reduce the workforce through attrition wherever possible, and that supervisors have been having conversations with employees this week "putting them on alert" that layoffs are possible. He said there is no target number of positions to be cut or a date when it may happen, but given the continued state of the economy, they wanted to let employees know that it was a possibility.
Listening to Walker and the extensions of his campaign posting as news services trying to claim that "It's working!" would be like listening to the captain of the RMS Titanic saying that everything is running smoothly.

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