Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part CXI - Jesus Half Off Sale

How bad is Scott Walker's ideologically driven budget and policies?

So bad that Jesus is half off (emphasis mine):
At Madison Church Supply, the Friar Tuck line of clergy shirts is sold out and the weatherproof Jesus statues are half off.

The store, Madison's first religious bookstore when it opened in 1953, will close next Thursday. Everything must go.

For pastors and church secretaries, it's the end of a convenient era in which advent candles and communion wafers were close at hand and you could buy an actual crown of thorns just down the street.

"I'm not at all happy about this," said the Rev. Paul Anderson, pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Marshall, who dropped by the store Wednesday to pick up a box of Spanish-language baptism certificates.

Owner Bob Hetico, 55, said the store began losing money last year. The recession slashed church budgets, and more people are ordering books and Bibles off the Internet. He's not bitter.
Only a apawn of Satan like Walker would put the Almighty Dollar before God. Didn't he pay attention to his daddy's sermons?


  1. It's great because the Republicans own God.

    And now (even more tax-free than ever, by the way...) supporting material can be found cheaper over the internet in true free market style.

    This is Free Market that RoJoe (Ron Johnson) talks about it a lot.


  2. I should add our local "rose of sharon" has been closed for years now.....