Saturday, January 11, 2014

Endorsement: Laura Gramling Perez for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 32

Sadly, school board and circuit court races are the most uncovered races by the mainstream media.  More often than not, the media won't even mention that there is even a race until just days before the election and even then, their coverage is very minimal and gives little information about the candidates.  These races are just not as juicy as the bigger races in the fall.

Laura Gramling Perez
This is extremely unfortunate when one considers how much impact they can have on our lives and the lives of our families.

One of these races is for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 32.

One of the candidates vying for that bench is Court Commissioner Laura Gramling Perez.

Gramling Perez, who announced her candidacy several months ago, has been very active in getting her name out there.  For the past few months, I have seen her at union meetings, at fund raisers and just about every event she can humanly be at.

Last night, I had the opportunity and privilege to speak with her about the race and her campaign.

As is my wont, the first question I asked her was why she chose to run.

Gramling Perez said that she wants to continue to reform the legal system, to make it more streamlined and improve it for the people who appear in the courts.

She said such reforms that she has been part of as a court commissioner was leading the way to set up a payment plan system for people that are fined by the courts so that the people can meet their obligations and not lose their licenses or their freedom.

Another issue that Gramling Perez was very passionate about is her work in setting up community-based legal clinics to teach people how to file pro se petitions and how to represent themselves in court so that they be properly prepared with the information they will need.

Gramling Perez said that she would be even more effective as a judge in making improvements to the legal system.

I then pointed out that her opponent is also qualified for the seat they are vying for.  I asked why voters should choose her over her opponent.

Gramling Perez said that she has a broader range of experience, having worked in private practice and with community groups.  She said that she has also consistently demonstrated a willingness to go beyond just the duties of her bench, but to improve the legal system and to help the community.

Gramling Perez does come with an impressive history.  She graduated from Columbia University and got her law degree from the University of Michigan.  She has been a presiding court commissioner for seven years, working in small claims, criminal and children's courts.

Gramling Perez has worked at private law firms in New York and in Milwaukee.  She has also been involved with the Veterans Legal Workgroup of Milwaukee and helped establish the Milwaukee Veterans Family Law Clinic.

Gramling Perez has her many other accomplishments listed on the "About Laura" page of her website.

It should also be noted that Gramling Perez has an impressive list of supporters coming from all walks of life and from all ranges of both the socioeconomic and political spectrums.

Because of her wide ranging and deep level of experience and her commitment to the community, I believe that Laura Gramling Perez is the most qualified to assume the bench of Branch 32.  I am proud to endorse her for this race and will be glad to vote for her on April 1.

To learn more about Gramling Perez, please visit her website and her Facebook page.

You could also meet her for yourself at a fundraising event being held in her honor.  The event is Tuesday, January 14, from 5-7 pm and will be held at the Wisconsin Club, 900 West Wisconsin Avenue.

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